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The Global Ocean Grab: A Primer

The Global Ocean Grab: A Primer

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The Global Ocean Grab: A Primer

This primer unveils a new wave of ocean grabbing, answering the most important questions about the mechanisms that facilitate it and the impacts on people and the environment.

Questions answered in this primer:
What is ocean grabbing?
How does ocean grabbing take place?
What is the role of Rights-Based Fishing systems in ocean grabbing?
What are the key drivers of ocean grabbing?
What narratives sustain ocean grabbing?
The Global Partnership for Oceans: why is it likely to accelerate ocean grabbing?
Who are the main actors behind ocean grabbing?
How are some environmental conservation initiatives facilitating ocean grabbing?
What is the role of aquaculture in ocean grabbing?
What are the impacts of oceangrabbing?
What systemic changes are needed to end ocean grabbing?
What are the alternatives to ocean grabbing?
What international guidelines can be used in struggles against ocean grabbing?
What resistance is being undertaken against ocean grabbing?


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