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Transnational Institute

The Global Land Grab

The Global Land Grab

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The Global Land Grab
A Primer

A concise and indispensable critical guide to the global phenomenon of land grabbing. Find out how the global land grab is justified, what is driving it, why transparency and guidelines won't stop it, and learn about alternatives that could enable people and communities to regain control of their land and territories.


What is land grabbing? How can we define it?
What ideological myths sustain large-scale land investments?
How does land grabbing take place?
What is the history of land grabbing?
What is new about the current wave of land grabbing?
On what scale is land grabbing taking place?
How is land grabbing tied to water grabbing?
What is ‘Green Grabbing’?
What impacts does land grabbing have?
Who or what are the main drivers of the recent wave of land grabbing?
What is the role of the EU in land grabbing?
What solutions have been proposed to address land grabbing?
Why are guidelines and transparency not sufficient to tackle land grabbing?
What systemic changes are needed to end land grabbing?
What does the concept of food sovereignty have to offer?
What resistance is being undertaken against land grabbing?

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