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The Arab Uprisings (PDF)

The Arab Uprisings (PDF)

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A decade of struggles

Exactly 10 years on, how should we understand the root causes of the 2011 uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa? This book aims to challenge a number of misconceptions about the region, its people and their revolts and uprisings by having a great selection of contributions from outstanding scholars and activists rooted in the region.

Looking back, looking forward: To inherit a revolution
Miriyam Aouragh & Hamza Hamouchene

Authoritarianism, economic liberalization, and the roots of the 2011 uprisings
Adam Hanieh

Ten years into the Tunisian Revolution: The specificities and limitations of ‘exceptionalism’
Ghassen Ben Khelifa

The workers’ movement, revo- lution and counter-revolution in Egypt
Mostafa Bassiouny & Anne Alexander

The February 20 Movement in Morocco: Roots of failure and lessons for the future
Ali Amouzai

Saudi-UAE interventions: Arms, aid and counter-revolution
Rafeef Ziadah

The Syrian revolt and the politics of bread
Yasser Munif

Why “it hasn’t fallen yet”?: Lessons from the Sudanese revolution
Muzan Alneel

The 2019 Iraqi uprising and the feminist imagination
Zahra Ali

The new Algerian revolution and Black Lives Matter: A Fanonian perspective
Hamza Hamouchene

Lebanon and Iraq in 2019: Revolutionary uprisings against ‘sectarian neoliberalism’
Rima Majed

Laleh Khalili

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