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Transnational Institute

Limited edition Susan George classics box

Limited edition Susan George classics box

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The Transnational Institute brings together Susan George’s oeuvre in this beautiful handmade boxed set of her six classic books. With a new preface, and new designs the six paperbacks span the first 20 years of her work on the key global economic justice issues of our times. If you are concerned about world hunger and debt, then these classics will give you an excellent grounding as to why these problems are still with us.

The set includes:

  • How the Other Half dies. The real reasons for world hunger.
  • Feeding the Few. Corporate control of food.
  • A Fate Worse than Debt. The world financial crisis and the poor.
  • Ill Fares the Land. Essays on food, hunger and power.
  • The Debt Boomerang. How Third World debt harms us all.
  • Faith and Credit. The World Bank's secular empire.


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