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'Green' Multinationals Exposed

'Green' Multinationals Exposed

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How the energy transition is being hijacked by corporate interests

For over a century, energy multinationals have been wrecking the planet and exploiting people in pursuit of profit. Now, power producers and technology manufacturers are marketing themselves as ‘green’ to boost their reputation and benefit from public subsidies, grabbing lands, violating human rights and destroying communities along the way. Our investigation of fifteen ‘green’ multinationals conclusively shows that financial returns, not decarbonisation, is their primary business. ‘Green’ capital has taken over the energy transition, dictating its pace and blocking climate policies that hamper its profits. It is time to take on these greenwashing corporations and reclaim the entire energy sector through public ownership and democratic governance.

Pratap Chatterjee
Olivier Petitjean
Alfons Pérez
Lavinia Steinfort
James Angel
Rowan Mataram Sarah Finch
In collaboration with
CorpWatch, Observatoire des multinationales, Observatori del Deute en la Globalització (ODG), ENCO

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