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Dismantling Green Colonialism

Dismantling Green Colonialism

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Energy and Climate Justice in the Arab Region

What does a just transition look like in the Arab region? Is there space for a grounded, bottom-up and non-imperialist vision of emancipation and climate action? This new book edited by TNI's Hamza Hamouchene and Katie Sandwell is questioning the energy transition in the Arab region using a climate justice lens.

Hamza Hamouchene
Katie Sandwell
Joanna Allan
Hamza Lakhal
Mahmoud Lemaadel
Manal Shqair
Karen Rignall
Saker El Nour
Razaz H. Basheir
Mohamed Salah Abdelrahman
Mohamed Gad
Asmaa Mohammad Amin
Chafik Ben Rouine
Flavie Roche
Jawad Moustakbal
Adam Hanieh
Imane Boukhatem
Christian Henderson


'Demonstrates that the climate crisis - along with mainstream responses to it - is playing out along colonial lines. It's time to face up to this reality and build an anti-colonial struggle in response.'

- Jason Hickel, economic anthropologist and author of 'Less is More'

'This groundbreaking volume by scholars deeply embedded in the region's political and knowledge production milieus, offers a timely, indeed acute, analysis of what a just transition might mean for the region. The authors examine in theoretically and empirically rich essays contestations over the Sahara, greenwashing Israel's colonisation of Palestine, agricultural and mineral extractivism, green capitalism and finance and a range of other urgently pivotal subjects.'

- Laleh Khalili, author of 'Sinews of War and Trade: Shipping and Capitalism in the Arabian Peninsula'

'A brave and timely book that offers hope for our planet. These essays from the Arab world analyse the complexity of the environmental issues at play in the region and offer an optimistic, global, democratic vision of transformative sustainability centred around climate justice.'

- Ahdaf Soueif, novelist and political and cultural commentator

'A much-needed decolonized examination of the climate crisis for all sacrificial zones. A focus on the situation in North Africa, an area of intense contestations pitching the peoples against the relentless push by fossil fuel speculators and other forces of neoliberalism is both welcome and a clear warning that must not be ignored.'

- Nnimmo Bassey, author of 'To Cook a Continent: Destructive Extraction and the Climate Change Crisis in Africa'

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